Activate the ultimate power, passion, and purpose of your heart and soul.
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Welcome to Journeys To Your Divinity

Healing Power At The Soul Level

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Lets Take A Journey Together

Healing Starts Within


We are all here for a reason!


 There are no accidents!

We are here to align 100% with our Soul’s highest path and purpose. We know that we are in this space when we are following our hearts, our intuition and our passions. We are all a part of a paradigm shift that is occurring as you read this, the Aquarian Age. We are ushering in “Peace”, “Heaven on Earth”. When we fully align with our soul’s highest path and purpose we feel like a different person from the inside out.


Let me GUESS!!!


Maybe some of the following apply to you.

See if you answer yes to any of the following...

  • Don’t know who you really are at Soul level?
  • Reliving your old dramas over and over again?
  • Engaged in repeated patterns of bad luck, trauma and negative events?
  • Experiencing great difficulties in your relationships with others?
  • Suffering from a lack of self-love and low confidence?
  • Having weird dreams and nightmares?
  • Experiencing highly negative energies based on anger, sadness, hatred, and exhaustion?
  • Feeling frustrated about being unable to find fulfillment in your life?
  • Looking for growth in your spiritual development but not sure how to proceed?
  • Making money is a struggle for you.

Soul Realignment™

Soul Realignment™ is a psychic-spiritual modality that assists us in aligning fully with our Soul purpose by removing negative energetic blocks and restrictions that are limiting us from creating the life we want.

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Just the fact that you are here on this page TODAY, makes me aware, that you KNOW you are here on earth TO ALIGN 100% with our Soul’s highest path and purpose. Healing at the soul level.

Akashic Records

Akashic Records are a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically and encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. They are said to contain the information of every Soul or Being.

Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guide reading will detail information about your Guides. You will learn their Soul Group, their Archangel Realm of training, their role on your team, their message to you, and their appearance.